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  • What must I bring?
    Yourself. We can’t stress this enough – the most fruitful experience happens when participants come with a genuine desire to want to be better. Bring along your sincerity and eagerness to participate! (Seriously, we have all the stationery and paper you can use. We’re teachers, after all… Lol)
  • Are there materials included?
    Yes! 😊 At the very least, there will be notes outlining the key takeaways from every session. However, it must be said that as responsible adults keen on self-improvement, the onus is on you to document your own learning and growth.
  • I'm interesting in [topic/theme]. Are you able to run a workshop on it?
    Hmm… Contact us, and we’ll see what we can do for you. Many of our workshops are crafted based on real-experience (as opposed to what works in theory); if the topic area falls beyond our scope of knowledge, we will likely point you to places where you can get more information from. Should the situation call for it, we will also check with our friends (yes, our network of uncles and aunties) and see what they recommend.
  • Who are these "uncles" and "aunties" you keep referring to?"
    😊 They’re our network of friends and like-minded associates. These uncles and aunties come from various backgrounds, ethnicities, and religious beliefs, but we all share similar values, ideals, and aspirations for our future generations. Many of them have regular day-jobs, but because they see the value of what Adulting represents, they are willing to take the time to share their experience and knowledge. Superheroes don’t always wear capes.
  • I would like to attend a workshop, but the timing is unsuitable. What can I do?"
    Unfortunately, the schedule is based on the availability of the trainer(s). Some of the more popular workshops will be repeated, but these are subject to a number of factors: actual demand, our assessment of schools’ programmes, as well as any updates in industry requirements. If you are unable to make the timing, but are really interested in the session, drop us a message and we’ll work something out with you!
  • Can I (parent) attend the workshops instead of my child?
    This is a tricky question… Our target audience is between the ages of 17 to 26 – the “young adults”. Our trainers, and the materials that they submit, will be screened to assess the suitability for this age range. While the content may be applicable across ages, we’re really not sure if the delivery and presentation of material will be as effective or informative to a parent. That being said, we warmly welcome parents to speak to us in person. If anything, we believe that “adulting” and growing up cannot exist in vacuum – your child’s development, regardless of age, is inspired by, and nurtured through, the environment they operate in.
  • Can I have a (free) trial?
    Trial sessions are usually given by tuition centres for students and tutors as a preliminary introduction, as well as an opportunity to suss out suitability between learner and teacher. On the other hand, workshops tend to leverage on the speaker's credentials, and the topics are usually one-off sessions. For now, we are unable to offer free trials, but in the near future, we hope to be able to help more students regardless of financial circumstances.
  • How do I sign up for workshops? How do I know if my place is confirmed?
    Presently, we request any interested participants to contact us directly by email, or by using the contact form on our website. You can also drop us a message on Whatsapp. This may seem inconvenient, but it really helps us reduce the likelihood of overbooking, as well as control the number of spam (yeap, we keep getting those annoying calls from "DHL" and Chinese-speaking "police"). Upon receiving your message, we will check our schedule and reply you within the hour, along with more details on location and modes of payment.
  • How do I make payment?
    At time of writing, we are only able to accept payment in: Cash/cheque PayNow In time to come, when we learn how to navigate banking gateways, we will offer more payment options.
  • Can I pay in advance for 10 workshops? Will there be any discounts given?
    We have thought about this, and we really don’t want to be that spa-operator or tour-agency to take your money and suddenly disappear. It is our wish that you learn something from us, and not attend workshops simply because you need to use up your credits. In the near future, we hope to start a community of learner-members. By which time, we are looking for offer more attractive packages that cater to a variety of learning needs. For now, keep a look out for group sessions – these will be cheaper than individual coaching, but attention will be spread equally amongst participants, and instruction will be less personalised.
  • What if I bring a friend? Any discounts?
    This is actually an awesome idea, and it is in line with our mission to help more students! 😊 As a way of making this happen, we have a referral-rewards type of programme (at point of writing, we haven’t decided on what to call it yet) – for every new referral, you can get a 20% discount from the listed price of any workshop of your choosing. Let us know that you’re bringing a friend when you sign up for the workshop! However, we sincerely hope that your friend is genuinely interested in the programme. We aren’t looking to churn numbers or become another one of those factory-mills, and it is with this in mind that our group classes are usually capped at 10 people. We believe in changing lives and in making a difference; if our numbers are small, we are prepared to work with what we have, to the best of our abilities.
  • What if I signed up and cannot attend the session?
    Each workshop will be reviewed and customised to every pool of participants before the actual run. However, such is life, things happen; we understand 😊 Just notify us via Whatsapp as soon as you know you’re not coming (tell us your name and which workshop you’ll be missing). Just a point to note: lethargy and self-esteem are not legit reasons. Come on down and we’ll explain why they’re not!
  • I cannot attend the session; can someone else go in my place?
    Only if the person really really wants to! 😊 In all seriousness, we would advise anyone keen on attending our workshops to sign up themselves by contacting us. Being responsible and taking charge of your future is, after all, part of adulting.
  • What happens if classes are cancelled?
    On the rare occasion where classes are cancelled by us – the most recent happened during the Covid-19 outbreak – participants who have signed up will be informed either through email, or by phone conversation, and alternative arrangements will be made. For participants who have already made payment, we will actively reach out and make the necessary reparations.
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