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We've all been there; being clueless, feeling helpless. Not really sure what to ask, or who to ask. Not young anymore, and not old enough.

#adulting isn't always about finding the right answers; it's about being brave and being responsible for ourselves. We just need to find a path that we're comfortable walking on, a path that helps us sleep peacefully at night.

#adulting doesn't always end up with a light-piercing epiphany; but it helps us grapple with the everyday humdrum. Life isn't always easy; but it isn't as hard as we imagine it to be.

You still have to walk your journey ahead, but we'll be happy to walk with you.

Even for a little bit.

Beliefs and Philosophy

Adulting is an idea about growing up - the rite of passage, so to speak, in modern Singapore.


We are fortunate to live in a country where great strides have been made; and for the uninitiated, standing on the shoulders of giants that have paved our way can be mind-blowing, for good and for bad.

We seek to fill the gap between formal schooling and going out to the real world.


All of us will eventually leap off the proverbial cliff at some point, but we can help you figure out how to spread your wings.

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Ivan Choong

Director, Lead Trainer, Life Guide
Resident Uncle

Alumni from the School of Hard Knocks, Ivan's strengths centres around his adaptability and clarity, being able to connect with different people across levels, systematically coaching and mentoring those under his charge.

He strongly believes in helping students develop relational understanding that is set in real-world contexts, a growth that is not jus focussed on academic endeavour, but also nurturing learner independence and self-determination.

  • Assoc. Trainer, CSC

  • Assoc. Lecturer, SIMGE

  • Curriculum Developer, The Bell

  • ACTA (5th version), 2016

  • PGDE (English, Mathematics), 2008

  • NUS (Political Science, English), 2001


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